Chapter V: Analogy and ratio

We know that a lot of theories exists out there, but what if we can create something utterly simple, that everybody can understand, and generate theories from now then. For example, there has been theories about ”analogy” 119 pages long!



What is analogy? How can analogy help us?

An analogy is comparison between any two[i] things.[ii] An analogy help us deduce and induce[iii] thoughts.[iv]

How analogies are related[v] to ratio

A ratio is a proportion. [vi] An analogy is created when two or more ratios are equalized[vii].

[i] It must be two.

[ii] Understanding is more important than grammar, so we use Things for this definitions. Things can be variables, objects, ideas, etc.

[iii] Later we will define ‘’deduction’’ and ‘’induction’’

[iv] In other words, analogies help us think. By ‘’think’’, we mean ‘’making decisions rationally’’

[v] Related is a neutral word because it’s not a noun. A neutral word is something is not ambiguous (like when a word is used twice, in a sentence and as a concept).

[vi] A mathematical term.

[vii] Meaning ‘’equal’’


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