Chapter XV: the Relationship between Time and an Individual’s Aggregated Productivity

Consider the following question. In which way Calculus formulas could (or may) be considered in a asset to be used to Deductive thought, in such a way that Derivatives form the basis of Rational Thinking? (With respect to the definition of the derivative, and in light of the Principles of both Cognitive Studies and the Assumption of Rational Self-Interest)

Such as, in a way, mathematical functions are of new, innovative use to study Social Sciences. These functions would be applied theoretically rather than empirically, thus gaining for significant foundations of rational knowledge.

To me more concrete, consider the following example. The simple function model, f(x). is an universal, scientific method of expressing relationship between two variables. It defines a particular variable that depends on another.  Any letter can be set to denote a variable, which is extremely advantageous when dealing with constraint-based problem. It allows freedom of scientific expressions.

Consider time. Let time be a independent variable. Any other variable can be a function of time because all depend on the latter. Or is it so? Can time be an dependent variable? A very simple example is the amount of time, of the quantity of time. We consume time. Can time be considered as a good? Can we produce time? Impossible! We can save time, although.

Once one understands this basic, yet fundamental concept, we can related to another level of comprehension.

One goal of  this analytical research is find correlations among the most difficult variables.

Performance is the total productivity an individual during any given day. It is also the entirety of skillsets a particular person. There are many types of performances. Emotional management, objective accomplishment, physical well-being, etc.

The general function of performance is given by P = f(t), where tstands for time. Its unit of measure is given by a mathematical scale ranging from negative to positive values in a continuous spectrum.

The most utilitarian application of this deductive theory is to examine psychological behavior such in a way to predict events.


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