Draft. 4/27/17

The illusion of always being tired, is a “fake” perception, an overestimation the problem, an underestimation of one’s inner capababilities.

An illusion, by definition the fact that individual’s is emotionally uncapable of perceiving the true real phenomenon. In statistics, it is apparent that the true mean might be approached if the test statistics, done within the hypothesis, is well done.

In economics, when we talk about profit maximization, and similarly, cost minimization. In our research, people seek to maximize time, utility (happiness). What factors might affect an the overall performance of a given individual?

In Chemistry, atoms form matter. In our example, we can use atoms as model for both information and events.

The probability that an event will happen at time X, triggered by an information given by individual B, will become, the key to success.

The power of beliefs. People believe themselves. In a previous chapter,

Extrinsic factor: incentive                                                                                                     Intrinsic factor: belief, incentive

Procrastination. People tend to seek pleasure. Man do task that yield satisfaction. The human is an hedonist. Is is truly that?

Spiritually, man has always seek happiness.

Time is really non-existent; however we can easily proof that it exists. The essential is only that it is a way to keep track of change.

The goal is to reduce complexification, to maximize time and howver ; unuseful, extra information; however simplifcation my induced into unclearness or misunderstanding. This leads to a paradox. If there would only be a mathematical representation or equal that would modelize information and its detail……

Therefore the gain, or the return of reducing complexification is to gain time. Time can equal anything, as mentionned previously.

The energy of tomorrow, depends on the night’s dream. If an indiviual has ambition, regardless any other factor, whether it is positive (new customer) or negative (bad time management), he will likely to have a particular type of dream.  This is the important concept of independence of event. In probability, we define an two indepedent events’ covariance equals zero.

Question: What if, there is no such thing such as intelligence? Einstein’s theory of relativity, E = mc 2, has a psychological impact? Chemical Equilibrium. Perfection. Simplicity. Harmony. Balance. Symmetry. How we can apprehend this intuitively? By looking at the very basics. The more simpler it is, the easier this task becomes. The greatest example we can give, therefore, is that the earth is round, a sphere.

Peace exists when everyone has their part of interest. Rational self-interest, however, doesn’t make the human being totally selfish.

Wars exists because of inequalities.

The zero sum gain is destructive; it is like bounty hunting. Notwithstanding, if there was a game that everybody can win, it would be greatly beneficial; thus sharing is the perfect solution to cure humanity’s illness.

The human has basics needs. The Maslow’s pyramid of needs is a representation of this.

What is useful is water and what is not is poison.

Unlike Hobbes’s theory, man is not wolf for man. If it were, than we would not live today.

The chain of events effect (chain effect). We can use the game of dominoes as a similar analogy.

Timing is important in all things.

The fear, when it gives diseases. Only when the individual consistently weakens itself, that this soul is weaker and weaker, the less positive energy there will be, thus the chances of success are diminished.

Fear can be used as a tool, a energy.

Mood can be used also as a energy. Its impact behaves like a multiplier (number-wise).

75% of time, man should rely on intuition. Like when there is a multiple choice test, the first answer that comes to mind is often the right one. Staying late a night

(The physical, mental energy of tomorrow doesn’t depend on the time spent sleeping). It’s the belief that one can sustain for how long, which is proportional to the satisfaction yield by achieving tasks. However, to make an compartive analogy, sometimes quantity, (as opposed to quality) is important.

Like in Economics, where there are factors of production, there are factors of cognition. These are: mood, energy, thought, memory

Remedy for cancer, is like a long time strategy war game: planification, caution

The world is like a poker game, a very competitive tournament. This is because bluffing exists. And all people care about is the apparence. Man seeks excitement. Blufffing is therefore one a the strategy used in life, especially in business; bluffing is a general strategy, it can be split down to several strategies.

Hypocrisy is no good, however it is not the root of all evil; it is bad, but it’s not the root. As French Philosoph Rousseau’s quote, the society perverts the human being to wicked deeds. By harming others, the individual commits a sin, that weakens (unconsciously) his inner soul, doing over time damage, passively.

As a general law says, all things have a favorable and harmful side.

Freedom is the fact that

For all action, is there truly need for a reward? The natural, auto-gratification system that every man have could be perceived in a different way.

Playing a game is just ot have fun.