The uncertainty of decision-making

Any given individual has a chance of committing an error. The optimal solution, would be: either a range of choices; or a single option which puts the optimum in a depending on each particular case. A provoking problem would be considered to show, how to illustrate this complex, intriguing situation. A circular framework would best fit this category of representation. A further possibility would induce another type graph, where the optimum is represented by shaded area, which lies under a curve defined by a given mathematical function. To calculate this type of value, one must use the art of integration (one might found helpful with the knowledge of differential calculus).

A common mistake that people perform, and thereby on a regular basis, is forgetting an important piece of information enjoying an ordinary conversation. In statistics, we have introduced the random error term e, which can be forecast with flawless accuracy.

Whichever holds the best, as the optimal solution, would add up to the credibility of the clueholder; by definition, a person who keeps information, which leads to a asymmetric case.

Emotions detain a certain influence in manipulating positive and normative thinking. Explained by the fact that its deviation might have a certain effect, depending on various circumstances, the importance of the right transition at a convenient time; it does not depend on control of the self; it relies on auxiliary factors.

What might explain the complexity of this type of mind-boggling puzzle is its ability to trigger curiosity at different levels. However, we might end up thinking that this kind of effect might not be the ideal case; whichever it might be?



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