The pursue of ultimate quest

In search of happiness, we often seek identity and clear path-a-way. To see clearer, we have to clear what blocks in our path. However, depending on the chances of success, there might be several possible scenarios associated with this type of problem.

The optimal choice is what we ultimately seek; it is our greatest deed to make the optimal choice whenever it is possible. Why bother for frustration and satisfaction, when we can clear mistakes on every possible step we take, for we will accomplish our goals accordingly.

Limitation, or moderation, is the key of success. We must rely on our instincts to achieve our goals and accomplish the objectives that we have fixed.

For the optimal scenario chosen from a variety of possibilities, we might consider some criteria, where the following may apply conveniently to this kind of circumstance.

However, we might not understand the following:  the indirect method and the direct method.



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